Nicole Biondich



Meet Your Medium

Nicole Biondich was surrounded by energy work and healing from an early age. Her grandfather, Tom ran his own school of massage therapy and served as a massage therapist for over 50 years. Tom also mastered other healing modalities and imparted this knowledge to his family, especially to Nicole, who was close to him. Together they worked on clients, each using their own tools until a fuller healing could occur.

Alway curious about ways to improve herself, Nicole studied all the healing and energy work concepts she could. Rooting out and pouring over every self-help book she could get her hands on. It was however, through the work of clearing beliefs that she really began to see her life change.

This self discovery and healing through belief work became especially important as Nicole began to accept and explore her special intuitive gifts as a medium. Nicole’s amazing and uncanny ability to channel messages had existed since childhood, but only by clearing beliefs was she able to let go of the limitations that kept her from working openly as a channel for others. Since then Nicole has worked with hundreds of clients delivering many profound messages from their loved ones.

Nicole is the co-author of, Stepping Into The Light: A Guide to clearing Limiting Core Beliefs. Currently available on Together with co-author, Mayline Robertson the duo are working on a Stepping Into The Light workbook series. Book two on relationships is set to be released in 2021.

Nicole has developed meditations to help others uncover their limiting beliefs as well as to break through internal blocks. She works with clients everyday to help them uncover their own potential and is a strong supporter of the idea that each of us has the power to heal ourselves.

Nicole lives with her husband Michael in Billings, Montana.