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The Spread Joy Campaign

With all the fear based news out there right now. We want to be a catalyst for positive change.Today we launch the “Spread Joy” campaign!We

A Little How To For Clearing Beliefs

Clearing beliefs can be done many ways. The easiest for many is to imagine a white board or chalkboard with the limiting belief written on

The Birth of an Adventure

For years I felt like I was missing something. Ever since I could remember it felt like I had a hole in the middle of

Let Freedom Ring!

Just last week I ended a 14-year career in human resources in order to pursue my true calling, working with my clients as a medium,


I can’t help but feel deep gratitude for the winter. Winter teaches us the need to be still. In its darkness, we can see our

Be Your Own Valentine

So much pressure is put on people this month. Pressure to find a date, pressure to give grand romantic gestures. All of the hype of