House Clearings

House Clearings and Business Clearings

What to Expect

Typically, a clearing takes anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour and 30 minutes, depending on the level of activity and size of the building and property. All house or business clearings can be done in person or remotely with no impact on the outcome. 

To do a clearing I work in tandem with Mayline Robertson, a well-known applied kinesiologist. Together we have done hundreds of successful clearings from hauntings to healing businesses to help them thrive. Each clearing is a unique and exciting adventure for us. We welcome new challenges and invite you to experience the positive impact of this type of clearing. 

With our combined experience and individual talents, we have helped many clients with various energetic issues with their homes and businesses.

Mayline and I have done hundreds of house and business clearings. Nothing scares us. If you have a problem we can help.

As much as I would love it, most issues we see that a building might have are not actual hauntings.


All house/ business clearings can just as effectively be done in person as well as remotely. We are reading the energy of the structure just like we read the energy of a person. Time and space have no bearing on that. Most of the clearings we do are in a different state than which we live.

There are many reasons hauntings occur as well as different kinds of hauntings. Typically we see residual hauntings which are really just an energetic imprint left on a location, but with no consciousness. A traditional type of haunting where a conscious entity interacts with the living people in a location. Finally, we see poltergeist activity which is actually caused by the energy of the living people in the home.

More often than not issues that occur with a home or building are not the result of an actual haunting. Even so, a good energetic cleaning of a property can do wonders.

House Clearings and Business Clearings

Over time our homes and offices absorb the energy of the events that happen within them. They absorb the emotions and feelings of the occupants as well. This energy builds up replaying like an echo which can be disruptive to the living people who spend time in the building. The older the building the more energetic residue may exist. A clearing removes all heavy or negative energy from a space, helping the people who live or work there thrive.

Hauntings, though rare can also be cleared quite successfully through a compassionate approach by assisting wandering or trapped souls with any burdens keeping them tied to a location. Care is taken to remove all unhealthy attachments with all living occupants, objects, or with the structure itself. All openings created during an active haunting are closed before the conclusion of the clearing to ensure future disturbances are unlikely, leaving the living occupants in peace. Consideration is always taken to heal the people involved from any issues related to the negative energy in the structure.

Our homes have energy too, we should care for them as we do ourselves.