Energy Work

Energy Work Sessions

What to Expect

Each session uncovers energy such as emotions, traumas, and memories stored in your chakras. Your chakras are the energy centers of your body. They are like batteries charging different areas and systems of your body. When they get bogged down by negative or heavy energy they can’t operate efficiently. Which can cause you to experience physical, emotional, and psychological discomfort. So, during a session, we clean them up to free up energy in each chakra giving you more energy to heal with.

I have seen clients overcome many things from sleeplessness to resistance to changes that are an inevitable part of our lives. The experience is different for everyone.

Yes. Energy work can clear away the blocks for full healing to occur. However, I am not a medical doctor and there are often times that modern medicine should be used in addition to energy work.

Your session is a safe place for all issues to be healed. In order to get to the root of our issues, we have to look at uncomfortable things at times. My own work in this area has made me confront some unpleasant truths I had to heal. Therefore, you can feel certain that your session is free from judgment.

Energy Work Sessions

Energy work is fascinating. We have the ability to look at energy and what it is doing to heal any blocks that exist. I dig into what is buried in each of your chakras. All of the emotions you store, the energetic wounds caused by past traumas. Unpacking the stored energy that is no longer serving you to create space for new opportunities in your life.

Everything is energy, you, me, our emotions, and memories. Clearing negative energy creates space in your life for new growth.