Reading and Healing Sessions

What to Expect

Your session will be as unique as you are, tailored to your individual needs. Each of us has energy centers called chakras. In order for these energy centers to function optimally, they need to be clean, clear of clutter, and charged.

If it helps think of your chakras like the battery on your car. As I work through each one I unpack all of the emotions, blocks and, negative energy I find there. I invite any deceased loved ones to step forward as well. By combining healing the chakras with communication with loved ones I have found that each client receives the maximum benefit form our sessions.

Concerning the deceased, I do not have control over who shows up. Do know that whoever joins us during your session is always for your best and highest good.

I deal with all manner of spirits, those who have crossed over as well as those who have been unable to make that transition. During a session for a client who may be dealing with a spirit who is not crossed over, I will do everything possible to help that spirit make a transition.

Everything I am able to do comes from God, Source, or whatever title you prefer to refer to our creator. I could not do this without Divine assistance, so I want to give credit where credit is due.

Healing takes time. We will move at a pace that you are comfortable with. However, I will give a gentle nudge now and again if I see it is needed.

Chakras have layers like that of an onion. As we work through the layers and issues are resolved others buried under them may surface. You can do chakra healing as often as you like.

Readings and Healings

During a reading, I help my clients find closure by communicating with deceased loved ones. Though I do not get to dictate who shows up I always mandate that whoever it is, is for the best and highest good of my client. For example, I had a client who desperately wanted to connect with her recently passed mother, instead her dance instructor who had been quite hard on her came through to express an apology. The dance instructor had had a very big impact on my client’s ability to love and accept herself. Healing from the harsh words and judgments of the dance instructor was more important than any communication with her mother could be at that moment. I leave it up to spirit to decide what each person needs and am always pleasantly surprised.

Each reading is very different so if there is time, I take a look at what each client needs to heal. To do this I take you on a journey through your energy centers known as chakras, uncovering and releasing unhelpful blocks I see. We hold on to so much baggage from our past, dragging it with us until we can release it. I believe that our grief and all the ways that we feel broken can be healed, sometimes we just need someone else to guide us through.

I have done hundreds of readings for people all across the US both in person as well remotely. There is no difference in the quality of reading if it is done in person or over the phone. Each reading is either 30 minutes or an hour in length.

There is so much more to life than what we can see. There is a richness beyond our five senses that is truly remarkable.