I have spent a few days writing beliefs surrounding events that are unfolding all around us. This first list of beliefs are limiting and should be removed. The second list I will post are empowering and should be tapped in.
Not all of you will have all of the limiting beliefs. Clear the ones that resonate with you. Similarly, not everyone will need to tap in the the positive beliefs as you may already believe them. Pay attention to those that feel right for you.
For those of you who don’t have our book and are not familiar with belief work I will post a brief summary on how to clear and replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones.

Limiting beliefs you may choose to clear:

I am fearful of losing everything that I know.

The world is coming to an end.

Everything I know is being destroyed.

My mind can’t accept the changes taking place in the world.

My inner child is terrified of the changes happening all around me.

I feel out of control.I feel overwhelmed.I am attached to the old ways of doing things.

I am attached to old ways of thinking.

I’m I am attached to old rules of conduct.

I am holding on to the way things used to work.

I am relying on life to return to normal.

I am not okay with the changes happening all around me.

I am attached to the old structures of society.

I am fearful of losing everything I know.

I am fearful of not having enough to feed my family/ pay my bills.

I am fearful of getting sick.I am fearful of my loved ones getting sick.

I am panicked about how out of control life feels.

I have nothing to hold on to that feels stable.

There is no stability left in the world/ my life.

I am not safe in the world.Nothing will ever be safe again.

I need everything to go back to “ normal “.

I am scared about the state of the world.

Uncertainty has broken my inner peace.

I am vulnerable in ways I did not know.

I am fearful that the government will take over everything.

I am fearful that freedom will be ripped from me/ others.

I am overwhelmed by fear/ uncertainty.

I am overwhelmed by my emotions.

I am overwhelmed by powerlessness.

I am overwhelmed stress.I am afraid all the time.

My body/ mind is vulnerable.

I am panicked because everything changes every minute.

I am overwhelmed by worry about the future.

I am overwhelmed by worry about how I will support my family.

I am overwhelmed by worry about safety/security.

I am worried about the health of my loved ones.

I am overwhelmed with worry about politics/ the economy as a result of this pandemic.

My stability has crumbled around me and I have lost all hope.

This crisis will never end.

My life is ruined.I will never feel safe/ secure again.

I am angry for all I see is lack and scarcity.

I am angry for all I knew that felt safe is gone.

I am overwhelmed by sadness.

I am overwhelmed by anxiety/ depression.

The world is doomed.We are all doomed.

Empowering beliefs to replace the limiting beliefs you just cleared:

I have faith that we can all weather this storm and come out stronger.

I have faith in humanity to embrace the lessons and thrive.

I am choosing to be optimistic/ happy even in times of uncertainty.

I allow all fear to evaporate from my mind.I have enough.

I allow all feelings of isolation/ loneliness to dissolve.

I am embracing the time alone to rest/ relax/ enjoy the quiet.

I am embracing this time with my loved ones.

I am allowing my conversations to have more meaning/ depth.

I am going with the flow and slowing down.

I am paying more attention to what matters.

I am enjoying lighter traffic, less hustle and bustle.

I see blessings all around me.

I am operating from a new set of rules.

I see acts of kindness all around me.

I am at peace even though I am surrounded by uncertainty.

I have power over fear/ uncertainty.

I am grateful for the healing that is taking place for all humanity.

I have power over my anxiety.

I easily choose empowering thoughts.

I easily choose empowering actions.

I have power over my reaction to world events.

I am leading by being an example of strength and love.

I am open to receiving messages and lessons from all that is taking place around me.

I have all I need.

I am deeply appreciative of the abundance I have.

I have clarity even in the midst of chaos.

I am certain that everything will work out for the highest good of all concerned.

I am stronger than fear/ uncertainty.

I am stronger than chaos/ anxiety.

My mind is calm even though the world appears to be in chaos.

My inner child is calm even though the world appears to be in chaos.

I am grateful for the out of the box thinking that I see taking place all around me.

I have every reason to feel optimistic about the future.

My physical body is healed from all illness.My physical body is healthy/ strong/ resilient.

It is safe for me to give up my need to control everything.

I am going with the flow.Surrendering control is safe for me.

I release all fear so that I can be strong for others.

I release all fear so that I don’t miss the opportunities for growth.

I release all fear so I can be more loving/ kind.I release all fear so that I can relax and be in the moment.

My mind is wired for joy regardless of circumstances happening around me.

I am releasing all habits of worrying about things that I cannot control.

I release all habits of reacting to unexpected circumstances from a place of fear.

I am releasing all habits of being in a hurry all the time.

I find joy in a slower pace of life.

I find more connection to others when I go with the flow.

When my body feels ill I respect its needs and rest.

When my body feels ill I respect others and recover in my own space.

I allow my patience to grow beyond what I thought was possible.

I acknowledge the abundance I enjoy regardless of circumstances surrounding me.

I am taking this time to get to know myself.

I am taking this time to heal in me what feels broken.

I am giving up all habits of trying to out run my inner pain.

I see now how we are all connected in this world.

I understand that by healing myself I improve life for others.

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