Just last week I ended a 14-year career in human resources in order to pursue my true calling, working with my clients as a medium, healer, and coach. Knowing that I am doing exactly what I was born to do did not make it easier to let go of my comfort zone.

You see, even when we are miserable in a certain situation we still have this sense of familiarity. Letting go of what is familiar makes us feel vulnerable. The last several weeks have felt like I was being ripped apart from the inside out. I dug deep to clear myself of all of the beliefs I was holding that prevented me from moving on with my life. All of the emotions I had stuffed came to the surface to be felt and released. I hired and trained my replacement which brought up feelings that I could have done better. I said goodbye to people and processes that have been a big part of my daily routine for years. I have faced many insecurities about what I was leaving behind, and my ability to own my own business and have that be successful. I am grieving the loss of who I was, all that used to matter, and all of the ways that I had thought I must operate in the world in order to be successful.

This week I am still reeling from all that change as I navigate what my life will be now and who I am becoming. I don’t know what happens next, I don’t know how this all plays out. What I do know is that under all that fear and unhappiness was freedom. I just had to have the courage to look at all that there was to see in me. This week I am free from the box I had outgrown long ago but was still trying to squeeze into. I am free from the expectations of myself and others to be all things to all people. I am free from the pain of trying to be someone I wasn’t. I am free from holding people accountable to rules they want no part of. I am free from the crushing fear of change that was with me clear up until the day I walked out of my job for the last time.

If you want to change your life you are going to be afraid. It is going to be uncomfortable. You will constantly question your sanity, motives, and judgment. Yet on the other side of all that is freedom. You get to reinvent yourself, try new things, make space for new ideas and people. There are new adventures to be had. Below you will find beliefs you can tap in that will help you let go and make room for new in one step.

I am ready to let go of who I thought I had to be.

I am ready to let go of pleasing others while sacrificing my own happiness.

I am ready to let go of feeling guilty for living the way I want to live.

I am ready to let go of feeling stuck.

I am ready to let go of all my blocks to having freedom in all areas of my life.

I am ready to let go of the fear of change and judgment.

I am ready to let go of the fear of becoming something greater than I ever thought possible.

I am ready to let go of my excuses and all habits of blaming anything or anyone else for my circumstances.

I am ready to let go of feeling that I have no control over my own life.

I am ready to let go of trying to fit where I no longer belong.

I challenge you to think about the places in your life that you lack freedom. It may not your job, perhaps it is a relationship that leaves you feeling trapped. It can even be a way of thinking that traps you. Just notice the places that feel stagnant or stifling. You don’t have to even change anything for the very act of observation has already changed something.

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