Hi there! Nicole here. Life has sure thrown us all some curveballs lately. I thought it was a good time for some healing around the concept of peace. You see, when peace exists within you the world outside you begins to shift. Outer peace is always an inside job. 
For the sake of time I will give you some beliefs to tap in. On your own list your limiting beliefs. These are often the opposite of the positive one. Once complete, use whatever clearing methods you find most helpful to free yourself from limitation.
Positive belief affirmations to grow your sense of inner peace:
My thoughts, feelings, and emotions bring me back to a peaceful state after moments of chaos.
I choose now to release all blocks to a peaceful mind, heart, and soul.
I allow peace to fill my life in unexpected ways.
Chaos may fill the world, yet I remain in a peaceful state.
My inner peace allows me to remain calm in chaos, and uncertainty.
I release my need to gain peace through certainty.
I accept chaos and uncertainty free from fear.
My heart is open to allow room for all.
I release all fear of what I don’t yet understand.
I accept what has changed in my life and release all grief around my loss.
I recognize the spark of  love in everyone, even those who behave badly.
I release myself of all guilt over circumstances I felt powerless to change.
I allow myself to see the good that exists in every situation.
I release all baggage from my former life and step into a new place of hope.
There are always reasons to hope.
I am liberated from chaos in my thoughts.
I am liberated from all separation energy.
I expect to experience peace in my heart, mind, and soul.
I am liberated from forms of self-punishment.
My sense of peace has no limits.
I release all judgement of others, myself, and the world.
I release all expectations.
Regardless of what happens around me, my peace is unshakable.
The poor behavior of others has no power over me.
We have been through a lot this year, all of us have. There have been moments in my week where I have forgotten myself. I allowed people to get under my skin. I allowed the stress of my work to consume me and for awhile destroy my peace. I decided I can use the events of this week to shine a light on areas I need yet to grow. You get to be a part of that growth now. I hope you find peace in these beliefs.

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