For years I felt like I was missing something. Ever since I could remember it felt like I had a hole in the middle of my being nothing and no one could fill. I spent thousands of hours and dollars looking for the answer. I kept reading about how our limiting beliefs had such a profound effect on our lives, and how in order to change your life you had to first change your beliefs. Excellent, how in the heck am I supposed to do that?

Some authors did offer a few ways to get rid of old beliefs, others tackled how you could believe new things. Not one had the answer for what my limiting beliefs were. I knew I had limiting beliefs, some beliefs were easy to figure out. For example, “I am limited by my age.” Also, “People don’t take me seriously.” I often had sessions with my friend Mayline, a talented applied kinesiologist among other things. She had figured out some of my limiting beliefs and had a quick way of removing them and adding in positive beliefs. Even so, I knew that there were more to find, deeply held beliefs that I needed to free myself from to have any hope of filling that painful void.

One evening while doing some homework from yet another program I had purchased I was reintroduced to inner child work. Your inner child is an aspect of your being, quite obviously representing you at various stages of your development. I realized if I could have a conversation with my inner child she would absolutely know my limiting beliefs and likely I would understand when I adopted those beliefs as truths. So, the best thing to do I thought was to develop a meditation to converse with the inner child that allows him or her to show up at the age you were when certain beliefs began. This allows you to get at the root of those limitations. It was so helpful to me that I decided the next day to write a book. I began writing lists of beliefs that came up for me, my friends, my family as I was not yet seeing clients. For a whole year, I collected the material, lists of limiting beliefs, methods I worked out to clear them, but something was missing.

January of 2017. I was on the phone one evening with Mayline discussing how powerful clearing limiting beliefs had been in our lives. We had both grown and changed so much. In my own life, I had bought my first house, the money I needed to feel more comfortable with that purchase came out of the blue through a sudden promotion, my relationship with my husband was constantly improving. I was filling that hole.

Mayline then began talking about how important adding positive beliefs were. It was like I had been struck by lighting! I knew at that moment she had the missing piece. I had never told her I was writing a book about belief work. I asked her to be a part of the project, turns out she had been writing a book as well. We made arrangements to get to work on it right away. Expecting to have some identical beliefs and methods for relief of them we set to work only to find that we had both approached the work from very different places, nothing was the same but everything flowed together as if we had been working together the whole time.

Finally, in August of 2018, we published our first book. We knew by then that our work together had only just begun. In 2021 Mayline and I plan to publish our second book on relationships. Together we have several books in various stages of creation on multiple subjects. We hope that our work brings you the realization that you have the power to fill your own hole, change your life, and thrive in a way you never thought possible.

Nicole Biondich

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